homedogg556 said: What color do you play most often?

Well I guess that about 90% of the decks I played this year runs green… But blue might be on second place…

And the other admin, since it’s not around to answer, I’m gonna say red, and then black.


Colonization of the -North- Americas Redux

In two days, me and two friends will be crossing the Atlantic Ocean to conquer the Americas… Again, more than six centuries later, like Columbus did before us…

We will be attending SCG Legacy at Worcester, and then the Eternal Weekend at Philadelphia next weekend… We are ready to tap dual lands and cast moxen.

Wish us luck, good weather, delicious food an hot chicks!!


I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.

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Rouge Deck Appeared

Hello all!

Some of you guys might remember this post:http://wizadrspls.tumblr.com/post/92526328787/rouge-deck-disapeared

Well, the deck appeared at one of the tournament players backpack. Same deck boxes, hurry to leave the tournament, and an small holidays left the deck in another plane of existence for days…

Luckily it’s back with his proud owner.

Thanks to everyone who spread the word. You are awesome.


Rouge Deck Disappeared

Hello everyone.

Last Saturday the 19th of July 2014, after attending a Legacy tournament near Madrid, Spain, I noticed that the deck box was missing from my backpack.

I’ve been playing the deck for five rounds, and the backpack was sealed while I opened it at home to grab the cards. So it never left the store with me.

It was a small tournament, just 11 people, so everyone is aware of this. The police is into it since the deck cost more than a kidney. At least mine, since they are wasted…

Here is the list:
3x Underground sea FBB Italian
1x Tropical island FBB German
1x Bayou FBB German
1x Tundra FBB French
1x Swamp Beta black signed
1x Island Beta black signed
4x Polluted delta Japanese
4x Misty Rainforest Japanese
1x Flooded strand Japanese black signed
3x Cavern of souls Japanese
1x Wasteland Japanese
4x Deathrite Shaman Japanese
4x Spellstutter sprite Lorwyn Japanese
3x Bitterblossom Japanese
3x True-name Nemesis Spanish
1x Edric spymaster of trest Conspiracy Japanese
2x Earwig squad morningtide Japanese
2x Thoughtseize lorwyn Japanese
2x Ponder lorwyn Japanese
4x Brainstorm mercadian masques black signed Japanese
3x Abrupt decay Japanese
3x Vapor Snag Japanese
2x Jace, the mindsculptor Japanese
4x Force of will gold signed English
1x Life from the Loam Ravnica Japanese
1x Umezawa’s Jitte Japanese
1x engineered explosives 5th dawn Japanese


2x Disfigure Japanese
1x Umezawa’s Jitte Japanese
1x Scrubland FBB German
1x engineered plague Urza’s saga Japanese
2x grafdiggers cage Japanese
2x pithing needle M10 Japanese
3x Zealous persecution Japanese
2x Flusterstorm Japanese
1x Earwig squad morningtide Japanese

If by any means, someone tries to sell some of this cards to you via internet, or in a while in person (who knows), please, inform at http://wizadrspls.tumblr.com/

As said, I’m from Spain, the police is into this, and I’ve tried to inform al the stores, dealers, and people I know from my city, country, even in Europe, USA and Japan…

Please, share and comment with your team mates, fellow players, store owners, local dealers, etc.

Any information will be too much appreciated.

Best Regards.



Because i really love memes..

Counterspell with Batman and Robin

my original ideia had no text, but someone asked for it.. so thats why its like that



replace “permanent” with “dick” and magic would be a lot more interesting than it already is



Token decks

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